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Environmental Policy

Groves recognise that the global environment is our single most important resource. Dorset and indeed the UK boasts some of the most beautiful countryside, flora and fauna in the world, and we want to keep it that way. While the issues surrounding global warming and environmental damage are diverse and complex, by implementing a comprehensive, company-wide environmental policy, we have developed stringent best-practice guidelines for all of our employees to reduce our carbon footprint, promote recycling and energy efficiency, and limit wastage wherever possible.

Peat Policy

Groves Nurseries shares public concern in reducing peat use to minimise the effects of global peat extraction on peat bog habitats. We have been selling PEAT FREE compost as an alternative for customers and actively promote it with the best possible price we can offer, encouraging the switch. Many viable peat alternatives exist which are either completely peat-free or of reduced peat content. Our suppliers are currently improving labelling and information on their packaging, enabling our customers to make informed decisions about peat alternatives when purchasing growing medium. We are using PEAT FREE compost in our own nursery at Beaminster for our seasonal bedding plants and herbs and are trialling it at our Bridport site before making further changes.

Recycling and Upcycling

We compact and recycle all of our cardboard and paper waste, our staff are also encouraged not to print off unnecessary documents and minimise paper waste by making a committed effort to cut down on paper-based marketing, with the majority of our external advertising being electronic. Where possible, our cardboard boxes are reused for customers to carry their purchases to their car.

Pot Recycling

We have a pot recycling facility where our customers are encouraged to recycle their pots to be re-used again and made into new things including house signs which we selling the shop.

Recycling in the Restaurant

Additionally, our kitchens recycle all of the plastic and paper as well as the oil that we cook with, and any glass generated by our kitchen.

Local Sourcing

We purchase from many businesses in the surrounding area of Bridport and try to buy local whenever possible

Here are a few of our local suppliers...

  • 3 Hours West
  • Bridport Building Supplies
  • AJ Supplies
  • Footeprints
  • West Dorset Waste
  • Huck Nets
  • Rhubarb Candle Co
  • Dorset Spice Shed
  • Futures Dog Food 
  • Dorwest Herbs
  • West Dorset Bee Keepers
  • Philips Gravel Merchants 
  • Robs Logs
  • Moores Biscuits
  • Bridport Banners
  • Creative Solutions

Most of the food that we prepare and sell in our Ivy House Kitchen is purchased from local suppliers. For example we rely on regular deliveries from

  • Charmouth Bakery,
  • Furleigh Estate,
  • Baboo Gelato,
  • Dorset Tea, Ford Farm,
  • Moores Biscuits,
  • Woodbridge Farm,
  • Dorset Blue Vinny

and many more, all located within a 30 mileradius of our restaurant.

Where possible,our catering teams at all three of our sites will always look to local suppliers first. Additionally, we grow all of our bedding plants and most of our seasonal plants on site, and of the plants that we do not grow on site, the majority are bought from trusted U.K-based suppliers. These measures not only effectively reduce our potential carbon footprint, but also actively promote and support British businesses.

Raising Awareness

Throughout our centres, we observe the highest standards in support of the environment and to combat climate change, and we always try to raise awareness of these issues with our customers and suppliers. To this end, we stock many associated"green" products, including (but by no means limited to)solar-powered lighting, peat-free composts (and a wide selection of reduced-peat composts), water butts, compost bins, pots made from recycled or biodegradable materials, organic, natural and sustainable plant foods and fertilizers, recycled kitchenware, and of course, a large range of the most natural home air purifiers available... the humble house plant!

Our Commitments in a Nutshell

  • Groves Nurseries has been in business for over 150 years. In all of that time, our ethical policies, our role in our local community and our subsequent responsibilities to the environment have not changed, only expanded and been refined to encompass the following simple values:
  • We are proactive, conscientious custodians of the environment.
  • We always promote and support fair trade.
  • We strive diligently to ensure that no-one is exploited in the production of the items that we sell.
  • We play an integral role in the development and support of our local community.
  • We are an honest, ethical, and fair employer.
  • We always trade locally where possible to help other British businesses to thrive and prosper,and rely on trusted local supply chains.



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