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June in the Garden

June is the month with the most daylight hours so is perfect for spending some quality time in the garden. Here are a few jobs that should keep you busy this month!


To keep it from becoming a major task and risking the growth of your plants, hoe around your veg patch or flower border each week before the weeds get too big.

Container gardening

If you have your bedding plants potted up into hanging baskets, pots and window boxes already, now is the time to start feeding them to keep them flowering all season long. Feeds such as Miracle gro, Phostrogen, liquid Seaweed, comfrey or tomato food once a fortnight will do the trick.


As well as bedding plants it’s also time to start feeding your tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers (whether they are in grow bags, pots or hanging baskets) with liquid tomato food, comfrey feed or liquid seaweed once a fortnight. If you’re growing cordon tomatoes (rather than bush or trailing varieties) then also keep pinching out any sideshoots to keep a nice sturdy stem.

Deadheading flowering plants

This means taking off any flowers that have finished which makes the plant produce more flowers rather than set seed. This is especially true for Sweetpeas and roses - to get more flowers keep picking!


Now is the time for mowing, once a week will allow you to keep on top of it.


It’s time to prune back any spring flowering shrubs that have finished flowering such as Forsythia

Give support

Your plants will start to grow quickly now so it’s a good idea to provide support to protect them from high winds and heavy rain. Stakes, canes, hazel twigs and metal hoops can all be used. Placing them early in the season will allow a more natural look as plants grow up around them.


Now that we might actually get some warm weather it’s important to start watering. Planted tubs, hanging baskets and tomatoes in grow bags are obvious, but also remember that any plants, shrubs or trees you’ve put in this autumn or spring will need watering every few days in warm weather and it’s better to soak them once a week, rather than a bit each day.

Fruit trees

Look out for the June drop! Fruits often naturally drop from trees in June to thin themselves out. To ensure good sized fruits check that apples drop to one fruit per cluster, pears 2 fruits per cluster and plums should have around 5cm between each fruit.


In June you should be able to plant out many more veg plants such as runner beans, courgettes, marrows, pumpkins, sweetcorn, beetroot, French beans, salads, artichokes, winter brassicas and many more!


This is the time when you can really get your herb garden going with annual and tender herbs as well as the hardy evergreen ones, so get growing basils, corianders, dill, sages (including blackcurrant and pineapple), dill, calendula, heartsease, borage, tarragon and many more! Remember to feed them if they are in pots and to add extra grit when planting them.

Posted by Charlie Groves

Charlie is the manager at Groves Nurseries.  He is the 6th generation of C.W. Groves to run the garden centre. 

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