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Having fun in the sand

Playing in a sandpit is an exciting concept to children being outdoors and getting them to embrace the fresh air naturally. When it comes to outdoor activities, having a sandpit provides multiple activities and keeps  young people occupied, what more could a parent want? Children can play in the sand by digging, sifting, building, pouring, and exploring, and they should be encouraged to continue this method of play.

Sand is a medium

Sand is an open-ended medium that provides an appropriate play object. Children can express themselves by taking in the textures and qualities of the medium of sand. Older children with a more mature thought process can use sand for a more creative play purpose. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to experimenting with sand.

It extends the imagination

Children that are more developed, expand their creativity and imagination through the designs of a variety of constructions. Once they realise the flexibility of sand, many children investigate the possibility of constructing entire cities and other areas of play. By providing a combination of household objects to build their sand creations with will adapt their imagination and make it more exciting. Many children find playing with sand to be relaxing and non-threatening, allowing them to express themselves.

Encourages physical development

Every parent encourages their children to develop as they grow. By digging, pouring, sifting and scooping sand, children use their upper arms and bodies to provide them with the strength and sustainability they need. Lifting large amounts of sand that is difficult and heavy to move, creates muscle building opportunities.

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Promotes social skills

Sharing toys and other items is a learning curve when it comes to young ones. Although some children have their own zone, the majority engage in pretending to construct roadways, dig tunnels, or imaginative castles. By interacting with each other in a partitioned place, children learn empathy and understanding to the perspectives of the other children while working together and sharing sand tools.

Teaches Mathematical Concepts

“More than” or “less than” helps children with the simple concept of mathematics. Having various containers of all shapes and sizes provides them with the knowledge of measurements. Providing children with spoons or cups could help children learn more about specific measurements such as “empty” and “full” or “heavy” and “light. As they mature, children will learn the mathematical concept of teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups.

Introduces the world of science

Although many are not encouraged by science, when you are small there is nothing more exhilarating than experimenting with a variety of objects. Hiding an object within the sand is like burying treasure if you were a pirate. Providing them with a variety of instruments to dig with will extend their imagination, such as funnels, ramps, and rolling pins. Whilst young children may enjoy using buckets and bowls to making sand castles, an older child will enjoy digging a hole that connects to the sea, and making a natural moat for the sea castle.

Express their artistic views

By encouraging children to draw in the sand, build sand castles and create molds with household instruments will give them confidence to express themselves in an artistic way. As children experiment with the properties of sand and they start to create their own structures this will give them a natural concept on how a basic medium can produce something beautiful.


No matter how old your child are and their development stage, sand offers an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe and inviting environment. Most importantly, children do not consider this play a type of work or learning curve as it is fun to do! From stretching the imagination to teaching the mathematical and scientific concepts, playing in the sand enhances the imaginations and social skills of children and the child within an adult.

Posted by Charlie Groves

Charlie is the manager at Groves Nurseries.  He is the 6th generation of C.W. Groves to run the garden centre. 

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