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Get Creative with Clematis!

ClematisFrom bold blooms the size of tea plates to delicate nodding bells adorning a garden arch, clematis are versatile and colourful climbers that no garden should be without. Whether left to clamber-up a trellis panel to cover walls and fences or trained over a pergola, clematis are a wonderfully diverse family with varieties to choose for flowers in every season of the year. 

Large-flowered hybrids are some of the most impressive, coming into their own during the summer months, and these are joined by daintier flowering varieties of clematis viticella that continue blooming into autumn. Dozens of clematis varieties are available. Colours and forms vary widely, with something to suit every colour scheme. Most enjoy their heads in the sun, but many, like the fabulously named Freckles, will also grow in semi-shade. 

Don't feel obliged to provide a structure or trellis for support as many clematis can simply be planted in amongst shrubs and left to grow up through them for support. Some of the best suited for this are varieties of Clematis viticella, like rich-red Madame Julia Correvon whose summer flowers are followed by fluffy seed-heads.

Not all clematis are climbers, so look out for shorter non-climbing and herbaceous varieties for your borders, like dainty blue Arabella and Clematis x durandii, all perfect for bright, sunny sites. Or why not grow clematis in large pots to create a focal point on your patio.  Choose compact varieties to grow in containers, trained up an ornamental obelisk or wigwam of canes or hazel poles. Several new dwarf and compact varieties have been introduced in recent years too, ideal for planting in tall pots and left to trail over the edges. 

Clematis are often partnered with climbing roses and honeysuckle up pillars and pergolas to create long-lasting flower displays, but vibrant combinations can be created with virtually any other climbers or wall shrubs. It's not hard to see why clematis have such irresistible charm, and with so many inspiring ways to include them within the garden and patio your colourful clematis collection is guaranteed to grow! 

We have a large selection of not only clematis but a huge range of climbing plants on sale here on our website.  If you need a bit more help choosing, Rodeny our nursery foreman would be only too happy to help you make your choice.  Please feel free to give him a call on 01308 422654.

Posted by Charlie Groves

Charlie is the manager at Groves Nurseries.  He is the 6th generation of C.W. Groves to run the garden centre. 

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