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How to choose the perfect Christmas tree

Few family ritual are as full of fun and excitement as choosing and decorating the Christmas tree. Groves Nurseries is well known for providing Christmas trees for many of our community and public spaces and we have the largest range of Christmas trees in West Dorset.  This guide to choosing a real Christmas tree this festive season will help you make the right choice.

Why choose a real Christmas tree?

There is nothing quite like the aroma of a real Christmas tree. They help the environment by storing carbon and producing oxygen as they grow and they come in sizes to fit all spaces in your home.

They give that magical Christmas feeling we love, the shape and size bringing back memories of Christmas in the past.

Before choosing, measure the space in your home, remembering that the tree stand could add to the height. If your real Christmas tree doesn’t quite fit into the corner of the room, just grab your secateurs and do some trimming.

They are also grown locally here in Dorset, many of them by Mark at his nursery in Beaminster saving the potential carbon footprint of trees brought in from far away.

We have a few different kinds of tree here are Groves for you to choose from;

 • Nordmann Fir - Soft,dark green foliage and excellent needle retention has made this the UK’s most popular real Christmas tree.

• Norway Spruce – Often regarded as the traditional tree, it is pyramid in shape and smells lovely.

• Fraser Fir - This tree is often leaner in shape with much denser foliage. Keep well watered.  This tree has a low needle drop and gives off a lovely pine smell.

Alternatively you can buy a forever tree in a pot which you can bring indoors each Christmas season to decorate and enjoy as your Christmas tree. Or why not put outside on your doorstep with some outdoor lights to welcome visitors and for passers by to enjoy?

How do transport my tree?

After you choose your tree, it is netted for easy transport.Just let us know which one you want and we tag it for you and carry it to yourcar. Alternatively if you order it by 2pm we can deliver it free of charge if you live locally usually the same day.

We also sell tree stands and all the Christmas tree accessories you might need.

How do I care for my tree?

When you buy a tree at Groves you are given a free Tree Care Guide to follow when you get your tree home. We are always here – 7 days a week– for tree care advice should you need it.

Whatever type of tree you choose, care remains the same. Keep it well watered. If your tree has roots make sure you keep the soil moist. If your tree is ‘sawn’ it can be stored in a bucket of water until you are ready to bring it inside and put it in your stand. Of course when the time to bring your tree into the warm finally arrives, the best way to keep it from dropping its needles is to give it water. When the tree was cut the wound that was created heals over. This stop infection but also stops the tree from taking up water,so cut a small part (approximately 1”) off the bottom of the trunk and keep the tree in water at all times (much like a cut flower). It should last right through to the twelfth night.

To help your tree look fresh, try not to bring your tree inside in the warmth too early. Place your tree away from direct heat, such as radiators or an open fire and keep the container topped up with water everyday.

How do I dispose of my tree?

Once the festive season is over, if your tree has roots you can either plant it out in the garden or pot it up into a larger pot to help keep it healthy and enjoy it again next year. Alternatively, you can dispose of your tree in several environmentally friendly ways. Take it down to Recycling Centre and place in the garden waste container for composting, free of charge. If you are lucky enough to have your own chipper/shredder use that to make your own mulch.

At Groves we collect our community trees from the town square of Bridport, Beaminster and Burton Bradstock and recycle them for the Weldmar hospice garden compost.  For a small donation Weldmar will pick up your tree also. Register on their website and they will collect your tree early January. Book your pickup at HERE 

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