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Holiday proof your garden

If you are jetting off on your summer holidays and want to have some plants left when you get back follow our 5 top tips below to help ‘holiday proof’ your garden: 

1. Don’t forget your evergreens.
Many people know to water their patio pots and vegetable plants when it’s hot in the summer.  But because they don’t really wilt (until it’s too late!) evergreen plants such as topiary box, bays, hollies and evergreen hedges often get forgotten.  We know it’s hard to keep everything watered in these hot conditions but please remember to water your evergreens (especially if they have been planted in the last year), even if it’s just once every couple of weeks.  It’s better to give a whole watering can full once every 2 weeks then it is a little each day to encourage the roots to go down. Give them a good soak before you go away and this should see them through.

2. Mulch. 
Once you’ve given shrubs and perennials that are in the ground a good water with a watering can (a watering can is often better than a hosepipe as you know exactly how much they’ve had - think how long it takes to fill a watering can with a hosepipe), then give them a light mulch with something like composted bark, leaf mould or  horse compost.  This helps to seal in the moisture and gives them a feed.  Don't mulch without watering first.

3. Use drip trays. 
If you have planted containers and hot weather is forecast then invest in a few drip trays / saucers underneath them. If you have neighbours calling in to water them, it will make the water last much longer

4. Move potted plants.
If you have lots of potted plants and hot weather is forecast then it’s a good idea to move them to a shadier spot - maybe you have an area that gets sun for only part of the day?  This way they won’t dry out quite so quickly in between waterings.

5. Get them planted!
If you have been to the garden centre and still have a few plants sat by the back door waiting to be planted out (we all do it!) then try and get them planted before you go on holiday.  Plants in the ground do dry out but not as fast as they would in pots.  

Posted by Becky Stork

Becky Stork (nee Groves) is part of the 6th generation of Groves' who run C.W. Groves & Son.  She is the nursery manager both at Little Groves and at HQ in Bridport. 

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