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Groves Certified Potatoes 2019

Seed Spuds

It's always and exciting time of year when our seed potatoes come into stock, Christmas is over and hopefully spring is just around the corner.  We still sell our seed potatoes loose so you get a good look at what you are buying and of course you can buy as many or as few as you wish.  All of the varieties below are available in 25kg bags as well as loose.  There are literally hundreds of varieties of seed potato.  If you don't see the variety you are looking for in our list below please give us a call on 01308 422654, message us below or send an email to and we will do our best to source it for you. 

1st Earlies

 Great for early cropping often making fantastic new potatoes.  These tend to be harvested in June.

Arran Pilot 

The most popular garden variety in the UK. A firm early scraper with fine flavour, which does not discolour.


Grown to Soil Association organic standards.  They show good natural resistance to scab and blight.  They are great for baking and chips and have an above average yield with waxy flesh.

Duke of York

Duke of York has legendary flavour as a firm early scraper but it also matures gracefully to a well flavoured, general purpose, slightly floury potato.


Tried and tested early scraper. Originally known as Sutton's Foremost. Good flavoured. Firm with little discolouration when cooked. This is the epitome of British Earlies.


Heritage early scraper introduced during World War 2. A gardener's favourite to this day. General purpose potato which is at its best for boiling very early in the season. White, short oval tubers

Maris Bard

Quick to mature showing great resistance to scab.  Maris Bard are a great boiler best used straight from the ground.

Pentland Javelin

 A lovely soft waxy new potato which is ideal for boiling. They are heavy cropping and a ready slightly later than most first earlies and show great resistance to scab & backleg


Modern disease resistant early scraper. Very early and high yielding. Good flavoured. Fairly firm with no discolouration.


Modern disease resistant early scraper. Very early. Compact variety making them great for pot or container growing or for growing under glass or polythene.


Winston produces high yields of smooth shallow eyed tubers that are short-to-oval in shape. Their flesh has a firm texture and a creamy colour, whilst thier very low dry matter would see Winston described as a wet potato.

2nd Earlies

Harvest these early and you get lovely new potatoes, leave them in the ground for the skin to set and you get potatoes you can store a bit longer. Harvest July.


An excellent new potato with a firm, mealy texture and a pleasing flavour.  White skin, Cream flesh, Oval tubers. 


A very high yielding early bulking variety, which produced attractive tubers.   Pale Yellow Skin, Pale Yellow Flesh Oval Tubers. Good chipper


Modern disease resistant potato with well above average flavour, good yields and top exhibition appearance. Slug resistant. Top flavour. Medium firm with no discolouration. Matures gracefully to be general purpose, summer chipper and baker. Skin is white with bonny blue eyes. Flesh white to cream. Long oval.


This high yielding variety produces large uniform tubers.  Good drought resistance.   Yellow skin, Pale yellow flesh, Tubers oval.


Tried and tested boiling/general purpose potato. The British gardener's favourite second early. High yields of large tubers. Stays very firm when cooked with no discolouration.

Main Crop

These are your keepers.  Leave them in the ground for the skin to set and you can eat your own potatoes into the autumn and winter. Harvest August.


A popular high yielding variety which produces large attractive tubers.   Parti-coloured skin, Cream flesh, Short oval tubers. Good all round cooker especially for baking. High yield and exceptional disease resistance. The allotment choice.


Tried and tested boiling/general purpose potato. The world and Britain's favourite red. Drought resistant. Firm with little discolouration. Strong flavour and suitable for a wide range of uses. The TV chef's favourite.

King Edward

Heritage general-purpose potato. England's best known potato. Some say the best roaster ever. Moderately firm. Excellent flavour and texture, suitable for a wide range of uses. 


A recently introduced variety that is high-yielding and has excellent all round resistance to disease, particularly potato viruses, which gives you peace of mind for good crops with few to no losses. A good all-rounder, Markies is suitable for baking, boiling and roasting in the kitchen. A reliable maincrop Markies gives you warming potatoes just as the weather starts to get cold in autumn.   But it's as a chipping potato that it excels and is considered by some  to be even better than Maris Piper.

Maris Piper

Tried and tested general-purpose potato. Britain's dominant field variety. Some say the best chipper ever. Excellent flavour and texture, suitable for a wide range of uses. Floury and not the easiest to boil but excels otherwise. Chips!


Modern disease resistant variety. Picasso has huge yields of extremely pretty tubers. Very uniform and keeps well. Mild flavour and good firm texture, suitable for a wide range of uses. Skin is white with stunning red eyes. Flesh is cream, oval


With the ever popular variety 'Rooster' as one of its parent lines, Potato 'Setanta' has a characteristically high dry matter - perfect for roasting, baking and chipping! This late maincrop variety triumphed over other varieties in our own taste tests. Potato 'Setanta' produces impressive yields of shallow-eyed, oval, red-skinned tubers with medium-yellow flesh. This superb potato has a reputation for being drought tolerant and free of pests and diseases, making it an ideal choice for the organic home gardener. Height and spread: 60cm (24").


Fresh from the ground...Dig them up, wash them off and put them in the pan.  Great with nothing more than butter and maybe some mint leaves.  Nothing beats a home grown salad potato.  Ideal for growing in containers.


A popular salad variety with exceptional cooking qualities.   Yellow Skin, Yellow Flesh, Tubers long oval.  Lovely eaten hot or cold. Used as a yardstick in taste tests.

International Kidney 

Heritage salad - a classic of English cuisine. Harvested early they are small, mild and waxy. Left to mature they become large and even floury! When grown on Jersey they are trademarked "Jersey Royals". Great hot or cold, sliced, diced or whole in early summer.


Long oval tubers with a golden yellow skin,  perfect for boiling and adding to salads. They are resistant to root knot nematode, scab, potato leaf roll virus and are also resistant to bruising. 

Pink Fir Apple

Unusual variety with a very distinctive flavour.  Excellent in winter salads.   Yellow skin,  Cream flesh, Long oval tubers with a distinctive shape.  Best boiled in the skin.

Posted by Charlie Groves

Charlie is the manager at Groves Nurseries.  He is the 6th generation of C.W. Groves to run the garden centre. 

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