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'Felicite Perpetue' AGM Rambler Rose

Rambling rose great for climbing through trees and over large walls.
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A very pretty rambling rose great for climbing through trees and over large walls

  • Position - full sun/dappled shade
  • Soil - prefers well-drained humus rich soil
  • Flower Colour - Creamy white or blush pink
  • Fragrance - Hint of wild primrose
  • Flowers - July
  • Repeat Flowering - Once Flowering
  • Hardiness - Fully hardy
  • Eventual size -  H 7 m (23ft)  W 4m (12ft)
  • Disease Resistance - Good
  • Pot Size when Purchased - 3ltr

Félicité Perpétue' is a large, vigorous, almost evergreen rambling rose with relatively thornless stems, and neat, glossy foliage. It produces, in great abundance, clusters of wild primrose scented, rosette-like, creamy-white or blush-pink flowers 4cm in width in mid-July.This is a strong, healthy and hardy rose that will tolerate some shade as long as it gets 4 - 5 hours of sun a day.

  • Ideal for shade
  • Ideal for a pergola
  • Ideal for climbing into trees and over large walls
  • Ideal for cottage and informal gardens

Roses are easy to look after. They like to grow in a humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil of any type and prefer full sun. Please note roses sent November - March will be sent as recently potted plants that have been pruned hard back (roots and shoots)


  • Water the rose thoroughly while it’s still in its pot or dunk a bare root one in a bucket of water for 20-30 minutes
  • Pick your spot in the garden and make sure it’s clear of weeds
  • Dig a hole that will take the roses root mass easily
  • Use a fork to loosen the soil at the base of the hole so roots can grow away easily
  • Add manure to the hole if you can get it or Camelot Horse Manure compost
  • Sprinkle Rootgrow in the hole as per the manufacturer’s instructions, this aids root development and leads to a healthier plant
  • Position your rose in the hole so that it’s just slightly lower than the surrounding ground surface
  • Backfill with the soil taken out to dig the hole
  • Firm in by gently standing on the soil to ensure the rose is secure and that there are no air pockets.
  • Water well.


  • Any new rose needs to be watered well until it is established, probably the first two years. Once established you will need to water still to promote a healthy plant that will flower over a long period. The amount depends on rainfall and heat. Once a week should be sufficient but if flowers wilt in extreme heat then they need a good soaking at the roots more frequently.
  • Pay special attention to climbers planted against a wall, roses in pots or in sandy soil with both watering and feeding.
  • Feed your roses twice a year, with After Plant Rose Food once in March/April at the start of the growing season and then again in late July after the first blooms to encourage stronger repeat flowering.
  • Mulch with bark chippings in early spring to suppress weeds and increase water retention
  • Spray to control pests and disease with RoseClear
  • Deadhead throughout the growing season to encourage repeat flowering and keep the rose in good shape.

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