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The Garden Tower Wormery Planter

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The Garden Tower – A Vertical Planter with a Wormery at its heart

The garden tower project is one of our favourite new toys here at Groves Nurseries. It is an all in one system offering vertical container gardening for up to 50 different plants. Then to make it even better there is a wormery composting at the heart of the container – providing fertiliser for your 50 plants and your garden. 

The entire system rotates easily on bearings so that you can position plants easily for correct exposure to the sun. We’ve got one filled with plants in our store and it is so bright and colourful thanks to the easy growing sections which protrude from the main pillar. 

This is a complete vertical garden in one easy to use package

Key features of the vertical garden tower are:

  • 50 separated growing containers for individual plants
  • Can grow anything and everything from herbs and vegetables to fruit and flowers
  • Easy to water 
  • East to set up
  • Compost is created in the central wormery column for use with your plants
  • Plants are self-contained meaning little, if any, weeding is required
  • No external power required
  • Inbuilt bearing system for easy rotation
  • Space efficient at just 66cm in diameter and 112cm in height
  • Made from 100% recyclable, food grade, BPA free, high impact HDPE. 
  • We are the leading stockist of the tower garden in the UK. 
  • Space Saving Vertical Gardening
If you’ve ever tried vertical gardening then you know that it is the best way to maximise yields for small space self-sufficiency and can also make a stunning garden focal point with flowers and plants in small areas. 
You also have the added benefit of not needing to hide your compost away as it can go straight into the central chamber of the tower. The chamber is sealed in to minimise compost odours. 

What Does the Wormery Do?

Garden worms are the best fertiliser creators in the world. When we add worms to compost they create beautiful rich fertiliser that plants absolutely love when mixed with the soil. 
Your wormery will break down all your kitchen scraps and turn them into fertiliser. This fertiliser and nutrient tea can be easily collected from the base of the tower – which has a slide out collection tray. 
The tray collects both compost and liquid fertiliser which can be mixed back into the tower grow areas or used across your garden. 

Grow anywhere

The garden plant tower allows you to grow in almost any space – the entire system takes up around 1 metre cubed with a diameter of just 66cm. This means you can use it to grow a heap of fruit, veg and flowers on a balcony, next to a window in an apartment or outside in a small or large garden. You can grow in the concrete jungle or the country and have a bountiful harvest all year around. The entire system can even work indoors with grow lights and you could use it in your closet if you were so inclined. 

Grow Anything

You can grow almost anything in the garden tower. With 50 different growing containers to use there are a vast range of possibilities. Some people choose to use them as a single growing container – strawberries work exceptionally well in the vertical tower producing magnificent fruit. We’ve had customers grow salad throughout or just use them for flowers.
You can grow herbs, vegetables, plants and flowers with ease. We like to mix and match with ours as this creates a well-balanced system. 
We recommend chilis, soft fruit – especially strawberries, salad greens, herbs and flowers together to create a visually striking self-sufficiency garden. 

Easy to Use

The system can be used by anyone at any age. The simplicity of use is one of the key benefits of the system. Once you’ve set up your tower simply add soil/compost to the grow areas and plant your plants. Fill the central column with a small amount of soil and worms – then add your kitchen waste on top.  Rotate the entire structure daily or as required to make sure that all plants get equal access to sunlight. 
The worms take care of themselves providing you add your kitchen scraps. The internal wormery column is perforated to allow the worms to move into your plant areas – helping the plants there and aerating the soil. Because the plants themselves are watered the wormery stays at the optimum moisture conditions – solving a huge problem of traditional wormeries. 
That’s all there is to using the vertical garden tower. 

Easy to Set Up

The garden tower is easy to set up and maintain. The kit comes with a base, wormery tubes and grow containers that slot together easily. The base has support feet to reduce the risk of it falling over and comes with bearings to allow for easy rotation of the growing tower. Everything slots together easily and securely and the whole structure doesn’t require any maintenance- just keep feeding it scraps and water as necessary. 

We have garden towers for sale that can be shipped to you quickly and securely. So why not order today?

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