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Garden Sundries

Here is a list of our most popular sundries.  If you don't see somthing you would like on here please feel free to request it.

Item SkuDescriptionPrice 
344479BIG TOM Super Tomato Food 1.9l£4.992 for £8
77169Levington Tomorite 1L£3.99Best Seller
192097Maxicrop Original 1L£9.99 
77032Maxicrop Seaweed Meal 2Kg£15.99 
77506Miracle Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed 1ltr£4.99Concentrated plant feed
328981Miracle Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Feed £5.59Powder Plant Feed
338121Miracle Gro Liq Adv Starter Kit£15.99 
77678Miracle Gro Pour and Feed 1ltr£3.99Ready to use plant feed
112861Osmocote Plant Food 750G£5.59 
86202Phostrogen Plant Food 40£3.59 
353099Q4 Fert Pellet Pouch 0.9Kg£3.99 
343417Sulphate of Iron 5kg£14.99 
343416Sulphate of Potash 5kg£19.99 
336959Toprose 1.25Kg*£3.99 
77594Vitax Bonemeal 20kg£24.99 
307379Vitax Green Up Enh Liq Lawn 200M2£7.99 
77595Vitax Growmore 20Kg£29.99 
307260Vitax Growmore Tub 10Kg£16.99 
199487Vitax Q4 Traditional formula (tub) 10kg£29.99 
320320Westland Organic Chicken manure 2.25k£5.99Buy one get one free
321945Algon Patio Cleaner£8.99BEST SELLER
110682Patio Magic! 5L£22.99 
 Fungicide & Rose Care  
77592Fungus clear ultra con 200ml£9.59 
344467Growing Success Prune & Seal 250ml£9.99 
346349Miracle Gro Rose & Shrub Food 750g£4.99 
77011Medo Prun & Graft Comp 200G£7.99 
347405Miracle Gro Rose & Shrub Liquid Feed 1L£4.99 
77245Miracle Gro Slow Release Plant Food 1Kg£5.99 
337666Vitax Organic Rose Food Pouch 0.9Kg£3.99 
328738Resolva Natural Power Bug & Mildew RTU 1L£5.99 
77534Roseclear Ultra 200Ml£9.99 
77533RoseClear Ultra Gun 1L£6.99BEST SELLER
336962Toprose fungus cont/ protection £5.99 
77252Vitax 2In1 Organic plant invigorator Gun£5.99 
77251Vitax 2In1 Organic plant invigorator Concentrate£10.99 
319801Vitax Copper Mixture 175G£4.59 
77012Vitax Fruit Tree Grease 200G£6.99 
315848Vitax Greenhouse Fumigator 3.5G*£5.99 
76972Vitax Org Rooting Powder 50G£1.99 
77009Vitax Yellow Sulphur 225G£3.99 
 Hanging Basket Accessories  
30849912" Basket Coco Liner - 2 Pack£5.99 
32057212" Smart Basket£5.99 
32134012" Smart Basket Liner£2.59 
32057712/14" Extra HD Wall Bracket£4.99 
30850014" Basket Coco Liner - 2 Pack£6.99 
34361014" Sable Willow Basket£5.99 
32057314" Smart Basket£6.99 
32057314" Smart Basket£6.99 
32134214" Smart Basket Liner£2.99 
32057416" Smart Basket£7.99 
32134316" Smart Basket Liner£3.59 
32057516" Smart Wall Basket£6.99 
32172816" Wall Basket Coco Liner£3.99 
32058316/18" Extra HD Wall Bracket£5.99 
32131330" Forge Wall Trough£24.99 
343618Flexi Coco Liner - 1.0 x 0.5m£7.99 
77465Mgro Moistr Contr Gel 250G£5.99 
77465Mgro Moistr Contr Gel 250G£5.99 
77606Ant Klr Sachets 2X25G£5.99 
344337Bugclear 800Ml Rtu N/Neo£5.99 
77356Bugclear For Fruit & Veg 250ml£7.99 
77357Bugclear Ultra Edible 200ml£8.99 
77540Bugclear Ultra Gun 1L£5.99 
85861DF Greenhouse Smoke Generator£7.99 
112910Fungus Clear Ultra Rtu 1L£6.99 
320326GS apple maggot monitoring trap£10.99 
86164GS Apple Maggot Monitoring Trap trap£7.99 
320327GS apple maggot trap refil£4.99 
86171GS Plum Maggot Trap£7.99 
320328GS plum maggot trap £10.99 
320329GS plum maggot trap refil£4.99 
86104JAB Cabbage Collars£2.79 
68023Mulch Mats£5.49 
86501Py Bug Kill Spray Rtu750Ml£7.99 
76951Py Bug Killer Conc 250Ml£12.99 
197964Resolva Bug Killer 1L Gun£5.49 
197963Resolva Bug Killer Liquid Concentrate 250ml£10.99 
319796Vitax cabbage collars£2.49 
102978Vitax Nipp Ant Control Sys 2Trap£6.99 
77117Vitax Nipp Ant Killer Liq 25G£2.59 
76978Vitax Nipp Fly&Wasp Aero 300Ml£3.59 
77026Vitax Py Powder 175G£4.59 
77398Winter Tree Wash 500Ml£13.99 
34450325m Tuffhoze£55.99 
355100Bottle top waterers£2.99 
338539Ceka internal threaded connector 1/2"£6.59 
68404Ceka threaded tap connect 5/8"£7.59 
86001Double Male Adaptor£4.19 
77330Finasrain Coarse No14£3.99 
77568Fine As Rain Pot Waterer£3.99 
182712Greenwash Rose For 5Lt£2.49 
77023Groves Sprayer Red/Green£2.49 
178839Grow Bag Waterer£19.99 
328430H/lock superhoze 30m 8230£51.99 
86042Hose Connection Set£10.49 
86006Hose Nozzle 2292£6.49 
340482Hozelock 4mm tee piece 7025£6.59 
320005Hozelock adaptor nut 7015£3.99 
76984Hozelock Flat Hose Adaptor£4.69 
320010Hozelock pegs 7020£5.99 
202904Hozelock Service Kit 4125£5.99 
182430Micro Hose 10M x 4Mm 2772£8.49 
85867Multi Spray Plus/2185£22.49 
85955Multispray Gun & Fittings Set£14.99 
77329No.12 Rose Hosespray£3.99 
85991Repair Connector£3.99 
111378Round Mixer Tap Connector£8.89 
85986Round Sprinkler 177 Sq m£12.29 
85953Round Tap Connector£7.69 
337007Soft Touch Hose End Conn TWIN£7.89 
85941Standard 7lt sprayer£24.99 
337449Standard Soft Touch Hose End Connector£4.59 
179576Strata 220L Composter Green/Black GN332£34.99 
179572Strata 250Lt Slimline Water Butt£62.99 
179575Strata Slimline Water Butt Set£34.99 
181087Strata Slimline Waterbutt 100L£22.99 
337128Threaded Tap Conn. Hose Conn.£7.59 
322305Universal Dripper 10pk 7011£20.99 
77181Water Butt Tap+Lid 210Ltr£39.99 
337006Waterstop Connector 2075£5.59 
335468YOYO Hose 15m DQP£33.99 
337203A/cut Lawn Thick 100sq.m£7.99 
353619Aftercut AIO 100sq m£9.99 
353620Aftercut AIO 440sq m£19.99 
353744Bio Gold Liquid Plant Food 1lt£14.99 
353745Bio Gold Liquid Plant Food 250ml£4.99 
77535Evergreen Easy Spreader£26.99 
322498Green Up Lawn Tonic 83 sq.m.£7.99 
328741Gro-Sure Smart Seed Bag 80sq.m£25.99 
353747Instant Green Lawn Tonic 1lt£9.99 
77380Lawn Disease Control 60Sq£13.59 
77657Maxicrop Moss Kill Lawn Tonic 1L£10.99 
336953MGgro No rake F&M 50m2£16.99 
76936Evergreen Complete 100M2£9.99 
348021Evergreen Complete 360sqm£19.99 
195016Evergreen grow fast green Sp 80M2£11.99 
195017Evergreen grow Fast green 400M2£23.99 
195015Evergreen grow fast green 80M2£8.99 
76912Miracle gro Lawn Feed 1Kg£5.99 
322274Miracle Gro mosskill 80m2£9.99 
307147Miracle Gro grow fast green 1lt£7.99 
353742Nature safe org plant food + seaweed£6.99 
353743Nature Safe Liquid Seaweed Re-Fill per lt£5.99 
353741Nature safe patch fix lawn seed£10.99 
328742Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra 1L 1L£5.99 
328743Resolva Lawn Weedkiller x 6£6.99 
77014Vitax Feed & Weed 200M2£10.99 
344478Westland SafeLawn Bag 400sq.m£24.99 
337201Westland SafeLawn Spreader box 80sq.m£7.99 
345612Bosch Rotak 34R Rotary Mower£145.00 
 Mammel Control  
77228Vitax Stay Off Scatter Gran 600G£6.99 
72114Gardman Gard N Link 30x15£9.99 
77070Heavy Knitted Net 4m£3.99 
76860Heavy Knitted Net 8m£6.99 
353319Smart fleece cover 2.0x1.5m£8.99 
77004Weed Control 1.5m£0.80 
345161Willow screening1.2m x 3.8m£49.99 
341878Willow screening1.8m x 3.8m£69.99 
 Plant Support  
77018Bamboo Canes 3Ft£0.28 
77019Bamboo Canes 4Ft£0.35 
77020Bamboo Canes 5Ft£0.45 
77024Bamboo Canes 6Ft£0.55 
77021Bamboo Canes 7Ft£0.65 
77022Bamboo Canes 8Ft£0.80
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