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Kings Seeds   
VegetablesVariety Price
AubergineLong Purple£1.60
BeetrootBarbabietola Di Chioggia £1.50
BeetrootBoltardy RHS AGM£1.30
BeetrootDetriot 2£1.30
BeetrootPablo F1 RHS AGM£1.65
Leaf BeetPerpetual Sprinach£1.30
Leaf BeetRhubarb Chard£1.55
Leaf BeetSwiss Chard£1.55
Broccoli Sprouting Burbank F1£2.10
BroccoliPuruple Sprouting£1.40
Brussels SproutBrendan F1£2.60
Brussels SproutDarkmar £1.55
Brussels SproutFlower Skprout Petit Posi £2.60
Brussels SproutMarte F1£3.00
CabbageCaraflex F1£2.35
CabbageGolden Acre Primo 2£1.30
CabbageGreyhound RHS AGM£1.35
CabbageJanuary King 3 RHS AGM£1.35
CabbageRed Drumhead£1.45
CabbageWheelers Imperial £1.40
Cabbage SavoyWintessa F1£2.05
Cabbage (spring greens)Winter Green£2.00
CalabreseIronman F1 RHS AGM£2.55
CalabreseMarathon F1£2.05
CarrotAmsterdam Forcing 3 RHS AGM£1.40
CarrotAutumn King 2 RHS AGM £1.40
CarrotEarly Nantes 2£1.30
CarrotEskimo F1 RHS AGM£1.35
CarrotFlyaway F1 RHS AGM£2.50
CarrotJames Scarlett Intermediate£1.50
Carrot Mixed£2.40
CarrotSugarsnax F1 RHS AGM£2.15
CauliflowerAll The Year Round£1.35
CauliflowerAutumn Giant£1.40
CauliflowerAviron F1£2.05
CauliflowerCandid Charm£2.50
CeleryGolden Self Blanching£1.40
CourgetteAll Green Bush£1.55
CourgetteDefender F1 RHS AGM£2.15
Cucumber Bedfordshire Prize£1.40
Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green F1£1.65
Cucumber La Diva£2.05
Cucumber Femspot F1£2.85
Cucumber Telegraph Improved£2.00
FennelSweet Florence£1.40
KaleDwarf Green Curled£1.35
Kale Nero Di Toscana£1.50
LeekGiant Winter£1.55
LettuceAll Year Round£1.35
LettuceArctic King£1.40
LettuceLittle Gem Cos RHS AGM£1.10
LettuceLobjoits Cos RHS AGM£1.20
Lettuce Mixed£1.35
LettuceOakleaf Navara£1.95
LettuceRed Salad Bowl RHS AGM£1.25
Lettuce Saladin £1.30
LettuceWebbs Wonderful£1.30
LettuceWinter Density£1.50
MarrowLong Green Bush£1.50
OnionBedforshire Champion £1.30
OnionParis Silverskin£1.30
Pak ChoiJoi Choi F1£1.60
Pak ChoiRed Choi F1 RHS AGM£1.60
ParsnipGladiator F1£1.90
ParsnipHollow Crown£1.25
Parsnip Imperial Crown£1.30
ParsnipTender and True£1.80
Sweet PepperBeauty Bell F1£2.05
Sweet PepperLong Red Marconi£1.35
Sweet PepperLunch Box Mix F1£2.55
Sweet PepperMixed£1.30
PumpkinExpert F1£2.05
Pumpkin Jack O Lantern£1.35
RadishCherry Belle RHS AGM£1.30
Radish French Breakfast 3 RHS AGM£1.30
SpinachGiant Winter£1.35
SpinachRed Kitten£1.55
SquashVegetable Spaghetti£1.55
SwedeTweed F1£1.65
Sweet CornEarliking F1£1.80
TomatoAlicante RHS AGM£1.30
TomatoBeefmaster f1 RHS AGM£2.50
TomatoBite Size£2.00
TomatoBlack Russian£1.70
TomatoSan Marzano Red Plum£1.30
TomatoShirley F1 RHS AGM£2.95
TomatoSungold F1£2.65
TomatoTumbler F1£2.45
TomatoTumbling Tom Red£2.80
TomatoTumbling Tom Yellow£2.80
Climbing French BeanBlue Lake£1.90
Climbing French BeanHunter£2.50
Dwarf French BeansTendergreen£1.95
Runner BeanEnorma£2.35
Runner BeanLady Di£2.45
Runner BeanPainted Lady£2.40
Runner BeanPrizewinner£2.05
Runner BeanScarlet Emperer£2.10
Runner BeanWhite Lady£2.00
Suffolk Herbs  
Borage £1.50
Chives £1.50
Coriander £1.50
Sorrel French£1.50
Thyme  £1.50
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