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Compost List March 2020

Item SkuSupplierDescriptionPrice 
67269EcoEco Mix 50Ltr£7.99 
67270EcoEco Super Soil 1M3£79.99Dumpy Bag
68192GrovesGroves M/P Compost 80Ltr£6.99Best Selling/Best Value Compost
68193GrovesGroves Multi/P Compost 40Ltr£4.25 
346212Melcourt Industries LtdMelcourt Sylvagrow M/P Compost 50L£5.00Peat Free Special Offer
346213Melcourt Industries LtdMelcourt Sylvagrow Organic 50L£8.49Peat Free Special Offer
353846Mill DeccoMGro cactus & Bonsai 6L£3.99 
78011MOSSBROSCamelot Horse Compost 40L£4.50 
78012MOSSBROSCamelot M/P Giant£6.99 
78013MOSSBROSCamelot Sedge Peat£4.50 
78019MOSSBROSMicheal King Grow Bag£3.99 
78020MOSSBROSMushroom Compost Bulk 1M3£79.99Dumpy Bag
78021MOSSBROSWoodland Mushroom Compost XL£4.50 
353844ScottsMiracle Gro Mediternian Citrus 6L£3.99 
353843ScottsMiracle Gro Orchid 6L£3.99 
353842ScottsMiracle Gro Potting Mix 10L£3.99 
183340TAYLORS10 Litre Bulb Fibre£2.99 
344653West Country soilBloomin' Amazing enricher 70L£6.992 for £12
92890Westland Horticulture LtdAquatic Compost 20L£5.99 
179429Westland Horticulture LtdBed Border Chipped Bark 70L£7.99 
92891Westland Horticulture LtdBulb Planting Compost 20L£4.99 
320120Westland Horticulture LtdCambark Premium Pine Nuggets 50L£9.99 
201625Westland Horticulture LtdComposted Bark 70L£5.99 
92908Westland Horticulture LtdDecorative Mini Bark 70L£7.99 
353592Westland Horticulture LtdEricaceous Planting & Potting Mix 60L£7.99 
353593Westland Horticulture LtdEricaceous Planting & Potting Mix Bag 25L£5.99 
92882Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Ericaceous Compost 50L£6.99 
92883Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Ericaceous Compost Bale 25L£5.99 
92910Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Farmyard Manure (Flashed B2G3F) 50L£5.99Buy two get a third free
305620Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Lawn Seeding Soil 30L£5.99 
92885Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Rose, Tree Shrub Compost 50L£6.99 
305489Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Seed Cutting Compost 30L£5.99 
328688Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Smart Cover 100L£9.99 
305618Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Tomato Gro-Pack One Plant£3.99 
319709Westland Horticulture LtdG/S Tomato Planter Large£5.99 
319315Westland Horticulture LtdGroSure Easy Container 25L£4.99 
323044Westland Horticulture LtdGroSure Easy Container 50L£6.99 
92892Westland Horticulture LtdGrosure Seed & Cutting 10ltr£3.99 
335490Westland Horticulture LtdHouseplant Potting Mix (Enriched with Seramis) 8L£4.99 
92909Westland Horticulture LtdIrish Moss Peat 100L£8.99 
92907Westland Horticulture LtdLandscape Bark 100L Bale£8.99 
200255Westland Horticulture LtdM/P Compost with JI Bale (Flashed 20L + 5L FREE) DHP 25L£4.99 
319312Westland Horticulture LtdNew Horizon Multi Puropose Compost 20L£3.99Peat Free
343381Westland Horticulture LtdNew Horizon Multi Puropose Compost 60L£6.99Peat Free
335498Westland Horticulture LtdNew Horizon Tomato 2 Plant Planter£4.99Peat Free
68008Westland Horticulture LtdNew Horizon Vegetable Compost 50L£6.99Peat Free
112737Westland Horticulture LtdPotting Grit 20kg£3.993 for £10
355172Westland Horticulture LtdRose Planting & Potting Mix 25ltr£5.99 
353590Westland Horticulture LtdRose Planting & Potting Mix 60L£7.992 for £14
92902Westland Horticulture LtdTop Soil (Big Value Bag) 35L£4.993 for £12
353591Westland Horticulture LtdTree & Shrub Planting Mix 60L£7.992 for £14
353616Westland Horticulture LtdWestland Citrus Compost 8L£4.99 
92899Westland Horticulture LtdWestland Ericaceous Ji 30L£5.99 
343385Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI Ericaceous 35L£6.992 for £12
92893Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI No 1 10ltr£3.99 
92895Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI No 2 10L£3.99 
92897Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI No 3 10L£3.99 
342875Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI No 3 35L£6.992 for £12
343383Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI No1 35L£6.992 for £12
343384Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI No2 35L£6.992 for £12
92900Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI Seed 10L£3.99 
343382Westland Horticulture LtdWestland JI Seed 35L£6.992 for £12
92887Westland Horticulture LtdWestland M/P Compost with JI 60L£6.99Buy three get a fourth free
92880Westland Horticulture LtdWestland M/P With Ji 10L£3.99

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