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Natural-Ant Nest Control Nematodes (Treats 60 Nests)

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Ant nests can be a real problem to control in border soils and lawns causing raised areas of soil and disruption to plant roots. Control with Parasitic nematodes (Steinernema feltiae)  A microscopic transparent worm that controls both black and red ants. Apply April to September to a well-watered lawn or border. Soil temperature must be at least 10 degrees C. Treatment can be repeated after 4-6 weeks with severe infestations.

Product Features

Pest – Red and Black ants. Use outdoors. Available from – April to September.

When to treat: April to September/October. With severe infestations the treatment may need to be repeated. Soil temperature must be at least 10°C Try to apply in the evening, or in dull, cloudy weather to avoid exposure to bright sunlight.

How to treat:  It is vital to apply to a moist lawn or border as the nematodes are unable to move in dry soils.

Mix the nematodes in 2 litres of clean water, stir, dilute further to 20 litres and apply immediately using a watering can. Water again and keep the soil moist for 14 days. The pack of 50 million nematodes will treat up to sixty large nests. The lawn is safe to use straight after application.

Storage: The unopened pack may be stored in a fridge for up to 4 weeks (see date on pack). Do not freeze. Once opened, the entire pack contents should be used immediately.

Please note that these are live creatures and in order to arrive in prime condition,  please allow 10-14 days for delivery. 

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