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Red Spider Mite Control ABS (Prevents)

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Red spider mites are slow moving, normally light coloured with distinctive dark spots on either side of their body.  They feed on many soft or fleshy leaved plants causing speckling and discoloration.  At high densities they produce silk that can cover the plant.  mites will overwinter in conservatories, greenhouses or bamboo canes.  If damage occurred last year, introduce the predators early.

Prevent with Amblyseius Breeder Sachets (ABS)

This is a preventative measure or where damage occurred previously.   Amblyseius is a predatory mite that will feed on Red Spider Mite.  Very simple to use, just hang the sachets on the plants.  

Use between April and May for effective control.

Contains 5 sachets will cover up to 25m2.

Please note that these are live creatures and in order to arrive in prime condition,  please allow 10-14 days for delivery. 

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