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Red Spider Mite Control Phytoseiulus 2000 (Controls)

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Feed on soft fleshy-leaved plants causing speckling and discolouration, ultimately causing leaf drop. Red spider mites are quite slow moving, normally very light in colour with two distinct dark spots on either side of their body. They only go red when they are over-wintering. They feed on virtually all plants under protection, and outdoors soft fruit, soft leaved vegetables (e.g. runner beans) and some ornamentals can be badly damaged. One specific biological control product is available, but ladybird and lacewing larvae will also feed on them. Mites will overwinter in conservatories, greenhouses, bamboo canes etc. If damage occurred last year expect a re-occurence and introduce the predator early. Control with Phytoseiulus.

Control with Phytoseiulus

A fast-moving predatory mite, bright red in colour, breeds very rapidly and spreads readily across foliage, can be used both inside and outside. Works best when temperatures reach 20oC for a few hours each day. Repeat applications every 2-3 weeks in hot weather.

Use inside or outside. Available from – April to September.

2000 will cover up to 100m2

Please note that these are live creatures and in order to arrive in prime condition,  please allow 10-14 days for delivery. 

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